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#294 | 19-Apr-21, 15:29:29 | Nagendra Bhuma
Iam DTP Operator.

#293 | 19-Apr-21, 15:28:42 | Nagendra Bhuma
I am DTP Operator sir

#292 | 03-Apr-21, 14:24:06 | Sairam
మీ reply కోసం ఎదురు చూస్తూ.... ఉంటా.....

Reply written by at 03-Apr-21, 15:55:21

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Please check your email which we sent few mins back.


#291 | 03-Apr-21, 14:21:43 | Sairam
ఆత్మజ్ఞానానికి సంబంధించిన ప్రకరణ గ్రంథాలు PDF లో దయతో మెయిల్ ద్వారా అనుగ్రహించండి...
ఈ ఒక్క సహాయం చేసి నా జన్మ ధాన్యం చేయండి గురుగారు....

నేను చెప్పిన దానిలో ఏమైనా పొరపాటు ఉంటే మన్నించండి....

దయ చేసి అనుగ్రహించండి....

Reply written by at 03-Apr-21, 15:55:07

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Please check your email which we sent few mins back.


#290 | 27-Mar-21, 14:21:46 | Devineni srinivasarao
How to register my

Reply written by at 29-Mar-21, 6:23:52

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

To complete registration for e-Satsan :

If you dont know how to fill, you please call 9538858115 and share the same details.

To Join eSatsang which happens daily at 7:00 PM IST
Zoom Direct Link:
Meeting Details : 3196189131 / 12345678


#289 | 13-Mar-21, 5:52:43 | Bhuvana K
Gurugariki Namaskaram,Mahashiva Ratri subha (16 mantra) program very good.chalabaga Cheppaaru. songs also very nice.thanks for everything,God bless you and your family.

#288 | 29-Jan-21, 22:51:58 | Lakshmi Kalluri
Namaskaram guruvugaru,
I am Lakshmi Kalluri from Boston, USA.I have been listening to your discourses on YouTube for many years.
I have also been longing to listen to your discourses in person and I feel that my long time desire is fulfilled now. Online satsangs are truly amazing and I am running out of the words in my dictionary to explain the knowledge that I am getting through these sessions. Lots of thanks for answering all my questions with so much patience and your answers are helping me lot to understand it further.

I am thoroughly enjoying the current Bhagavadgita discourses. I have read many versions of Bhagavadgita before but I am able to understand it well through your detailed explanation.

I am also buying the Bhagat Gita books and excited about keeping it as a daily routine to do mananam.

Millions of thanks guruvugaru for helping me to enhance in my spiritual life and I need all your blessings to make steady progress in my spiritual life.
Guruvugari Paada padmamulaku namasakaaramulu
Lakshmi Kalluri

#287 | 23-Oct-20, 20:43:13 | mayuri talluri
Jai Gurudev,
These satsangs and vedios by guruji are very knowledgeable,actually those are important deeds should acheive in this life and get into state of moksha i.e paramatma in ourselves(iam god).we are soo blessed to have you guruji.

#286 | 16-Oct-20, 18:04:18 | Ravi
Hello Guruji,
This is Ravi from Bengaluru. I'm a Kannadiga and have been watching your discourses for a couple of years. Initially I found it hard to understand Telugu but now after hearing so many discourses I understand it a lot better.
I'm also watching the ongoing Bhaja Govindam discourse as well. You have been explaining the verses so well that now I'm able to chant all 13 verses so far without even seeing.

I wanted to share this feedback. Since I cannot talk Telugu writing the feedback here. Please pass it on to Guruji.

I consider it as my responsibility to contribute towards this genuine effort in spreading Vedanta to all the people. So I'd start contributing as per the details shared in Contribution section.


#285 | 16-Oct-20, 16:32:22 | Murty M S
16th Oct 2020.

I have been listening to his discourses on BhagavadGita and BhajaGovindam last 40 days find it interesting and thought provoking. These inputs are actually realigning our Karma and actions as the Goal is entirely different from what a normal man aims.

To get the real experience and insights please listen to him.

Murty M S

#284 | 10-Oct-20, 20:12:15 | Suresh kumar pallapothu
Online classes are very

#283 | 12-Sep-20, 20:06:10 | G Tarun Adithya
janmadina subakanshalu grruvu Garu…..

#282 | 12-Sep-20, 18:45:14 | Karthik Tenetti Prasad
Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha

Gurugari padhapadmamulaki sashtanga namaskaralu alage Gurugariki Hrudhayapurvaka janmadhina subhakankshalu...!

#281 | 23-Aug-20, 16:39:31 | Rajababu Koraveni
Guruvu gariki Padabhi Vandanam
I want All Prakarana Granthalu
how much cost I pay to google pay

Rajababu Koraveni

Reply written by at 26-Aug-20, 7:12:42

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

We have forwarded the details to your email id on same day.
You may also refer :


#280 | 19-Jul-20, 6:07:55 | G VISWANATH
Please inform the procedure to down load e - book through on line by payment. As per web site when clicking on download , it not getting connected to payment mode and only a sample pdf booklet is being displayed. Kindly intimate how to down load e-book through payment in the web site.

Reply written by at 19-Jul-20, 6:39:40

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Please call us at +91 9538858115


#279 | 06-Jul-20, 17:12:31 | Mukku KALI RAMANESWAR
Is there barbarika i

Reply written by at 19-Jul-20, 6:41:04

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Sent the reply for your email.


#278 | 06-Jul-20, 17:08:20 | Mukku KALI RAMANESWAR
Barbarika is ther

Reply written by at 19-Jul-20, 6:41:16

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Sent the reply for your email.


#277 | 18-Jun-20, 19:17:53 | Aluru Lakshmi Narasimha Rao
I am listening to pravachanams. They are more informative and understanding to sadhakas who are in process of gaining Atma Gnana.
My sincere request is you please make your website secure.Presently it is not secure.

Reply written by at 20-Jun-20, 18:56:53

Thankyou for your valuable suggestion. We will look into it.

#276 | 11-May-20, 19:09:14 | Ramu
గురువు గారికి నమస్కారం,

రామాయణం online ఆడియో,వీడియో files work చెయ్యట్లేదు. దయచేసి సరిచెయ్యగలరని ప్రార్థిస్తూ......

Reply written by at 20-Jun-20, 19:17:07

In the Discourses Section, The subjects marked in Red color are available in CD/DVD. Requested to Please use below URL to order as per your interest.

#275 | 11-May-20, 0:06:36 | Sharan
గురువు గారితి పాదాభివందనం

Reply written by at 20-Jun-20, 19:27:13

Thankyou for your message

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