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#244 | 19-Oct-18, 8:56:15 | KUDUPUDI NAGESWARARAO
ఓం శ్రీ గురుభ్యోనమః

జనన మరణ రూప సంసార బంధం నుండి తప్పించుకొనుటకు ముక్తి ఒక్కటే మార్గం. ఒక సద్గురువును ఆశ్రయించి తగిన జ్ఞానాన్ని పొంది, సాధనలు ప్రారంభించగలరు

#243 | 28-Sep-18, 8:59:14 | Parvathi akkaraju
మీ ప్రవచనాలు వినడం నాకు చాలా ఆనందంగా వుంది. చక్కని బాషతో చక్కగ వివరిస్తున్నారు. మీకు అనేక వందనములు.🙏💐

#242 | 12-Sep-18, 21:09:25 | ధరణి
ఓం శ్రీగుర్భోన్నమహ:
గురుగారికి జన్మదిన శుభాకాంక్షలు
గురుదేవుల పాదపద్మములులకు సాష్టంగా నమస్కారములు అర్పిస్తున్నను, నా తెలిసితెలియక చేసిన తప్పులను క్షమించి వారి చల్లని చూపులు ఈ పాపత్మునిపైపడుగాక, గురుదేవుల కటాక్షము చేత ఈ పాపి జన్మ సార్ధకత పొందుగాక.

#241 | 12-Sep-18, 19:59:40 | Gangadharam
Sri Gurubhyonamaha. Guruvu gariki janmadina Subhakankshalu. Meeru elanti enno janmadina vedukalu Jarupukovalani manasara aa bhagavantunni pradistu meeku aayu arogyalu prasadinchalani aakankshistunnanu

#240 | 06-Aug-18, 6:07:50 | santosh tipparam
Guruvugariki namaskaramulu,
thank you very much sir.

#239 | 25-Jul-18, 10:16:20 | Satya
Please extend my vandanamulu to guruji. With out his teaching I would never understand sastras.
I listen, relisted and try to explain his teachings to fellow residents , those interested
but don't know Telegu.
Guruji is Godsent to me.

Satyanarayana Mamidi

PS: I wish he will teach Bruhadaranyaka and Chandogya Upanishad.
I was told that he taught them before but I have no access to that teaching. He probably
taught before online format is available. Only people in Chilakaluri peta residents
are lucky enough to learn.

#238 | 24-Jul-18, 22:27:27 | Srinivas
Poojya Guruji,
Padabi Vandanamulu,
Thanks for your tremendous efforts in sharing your knowledge, and very deep insight into the complex subject. I feel I am thankful for everything.

Thank you.

#237 | 22-Jul-18, 14:35:29 | K Satya Narayana Rao
Sir Recently lestining Upaneshads and Bramha Sutramulu daily. Thank you very much for your simple talks in Telugu made easy to understand difficult concepts.

#236 | 13-Jul-18, 11:15:41 | Dr Rangaswamy Gaddala
brihadarnyaka Upanishad with word to word telugu meanings

#235 | 13-Jul-18, 11:13:14 | Dr Rangaswamy Gaddala
suryopanishad telugu with telugu meaning books

#234 | 25-Jun-18, 17:52:27 | sudhir
Guriji ki Namaskaramulu,

Padabi Vandam for providing these invaluable teachings to us.

#233 | 08-Jun-18, 0:51:53 | Anjaiah Sakaram
Thank you very much sir for your books.

#232 | 07-Jun-18, 9:50:49 | Vadlamani Srinivasu
This is great effort. The web site is really great and user friendly. R u planning to launch ur App in IOs / Android? Regards

#231 | 02-Jun-18, 21:16:41 | Ramakrishna Vallaturu
Respected Guruji,

Your series of talks are excellent and practical.
Really they are life changing and enabling us to lead life in a pleasant way.

I liked your Karmasidhantham very mush sir.

#230 | 11-May-18, 13:38:19 | A . BALA krishna
Guruji Namastey, I have one question guruji , what is the meaning of karma Parivakkam? How it possible with out any external reaction.

#229 | 29-Jan-18, 15:16:49 | Pharmk857

#228 | 28-Jan-18, 22:02:30 | Smithe295
I think you have remarked some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post. ededdfcdegdbfagc

#227 | 26-Jan-18, 19:16:25 | Satya
Heartily Namaste to guruji. His talks are of immensely informative to me.

With out his clear explanations of the verses I cant really get to understand the real implied meaning.

#226 | 02-Jan-18, 4:31:32 | babi
Respected Sir,
Came across your website a few weeks back and I can't thank you enough for publishing your works for the benefit of all.
Guruji articulated every subject in such a way that even a mandha budhi like me can understand the most difficult subject with ease if time and effort are put to understand.

Once again thank you from the bottom on my heart.

Reply written by at 02-Jan-18, 7:55:05

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,
Thanks for your greetings.
Please continue Sravanam every day without fail in proper order like first Karma Siddhantam, Jeevula Sudigundalu Then repeat Tattva Bodha for couple of times until you memorize every concept of it & then move on. Following discourses in specific order and NOT getting deviated with multiple baselines(ex deviated by following discourses of other gurujis who may follow dvaita, visishtadwaita, advaita, etc) in between will help to have significant progress.


#225 | 11-Dec-17, 17:16:56 | Sailesh Kumar
Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,
I need a couple of books, but did not find select option to place order for specific books. Can you let me know, how can I place order and pay for the order.
Please Advice.

Reply written by at 11-Dec-17, 18:29:28

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

We had sent you mail with required details.


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